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Legal Aid Funding

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We offer Legal Aid funding in many aspects of family and immigration law. Talk to us about eligibility 

At Spring and Co Solicitors, we are contracted by Legal Aid Agency to provide services for family and immigration matters.

Legal Aid is automatically free (available) to parents or individuals with parental responsibility for the child involved without the need for any financial eligibility assessment. The legal aid covers advice and assistance before the court become involved in the case and assistance when court becomes involved in the case.

This includes meetings with the Local Authority before proceedings are issued, emergency protection orders, supervision orders, child assessment orders, secure accommodation orders,  interim and full care orders.

We have experience in a wide range of cases involving non-accidental injury, physical and sexual abuse, alcohol and drug related issues, emotional abuse and neglect, beyond parental control.


Legal Aid is also available in other aspects of family law to those who qualify. Find out whether you would qualify for Legal Aid funding by contacting us.

We are a phone call away and ready to assist you at any time.  Do not delay or do it alone.  Call us now.

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We can also provide services to you at no costs to you under the legal aid funding scheme if your case is within scope and you meet any relevant means and merit tests subject to any contribution that you may be required to make by the Legal Aid Agency. 


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Worried, not sure where to turn?
No money?  - NO PROBLEM!

Our fees are affordable and we can arrange finance for your legal costs
if certain criteria are met.  In some circumstances you will be entitled to legal aid funding which can put your mind at ease and can concentrate on the case

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