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Family Law

Its always emotional when a family breaks down.

We offer empathetic advice and guidance to aid you in this difficult time

Putting children first

A relationship breakdown is an extremely emotional time. It is a stressful, challenging experience, and one that many people go through during their life. Anxiety and anger are natural feelings that people express as they come to terms with a huge change in their life

Supporting you along the way, our team provide high-quality legal advice and services to help you and your loved ones find your feet. The legal advice that we provide allows you to find common ground, and reduces the effect of the divorce or separation on your children.


We are happy to visit you directly if you have a mobility issue, and we offer face to face appointments, telephone and video consultations.

One of your biggest worries during a divorce proceeding or separation should be the welfare of your children. Maintaining a meaningful relationship with both parents is invaluable for the children, and you need to discuss living requirements as well.

After your divorce or separation , you both remain parents to your children. It’s advisable to find common ground to ensure that the children are not affected by the divorce or separation.

This means reaching an amicable agreement on residence, contact, and responsibility for the children. A constructive approach will lay a good foundation for the children to settle in their new environment and come to terms with the new living arrangement.


Safeguarding Children

If the social services become concerned with the care you provide to your children, we are here to support and advise you on your rights and how to respond.  We can support you at meetings and if the local authority decides to go to court to remove your children, we will represent you ensuring that you receive a fair hearing and the best possible outcome for you and your children. We understand it is very stressful period and we are empathetic and courteous at all time.

Negotiation Breakdown

When negotiation fails or if it is not appropriate, the court has the power to make orders concerning your marriage, partnership, children, relationship assets. In making decisions about your children, the court considers your children’s welfare as paramount.

A helping hand


A divorce or relationship breakdown is an emotional, stressful, and challenging experience for all involved. Providing you with a supportive and friendly team of family law experts, we offer the assistance you need during this difficult period. From starting divorce proceedings to arranging a financial settlement, we look for the best outcome for you and your family.  advice and support for Arrangements for children are provided, and support is available for both parties to reach an amicable solution without involving court. 

If the Local authority has informed you they will take your children into care, we are here to help you challenge the decision in court to ensure your voice is heard.  We understand that this is a very stressful situation to be in.  We are here to fight your corner with the best interest of your children at the heart of our support

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Childrens Law  
We offer advice, assistance and representation in a wide rage of child law matters. Click here to find out more information 


From starting divorce proceedings to arranging a financial settlement, we look for the best outcome for you and your family.  support is available for both parties to reach an amicable solution.  Read More 
Financial Settlement 
One of your biggest worry in a relationship breakdown is finance.  We are here to help you navigate this problem and negotiate on your behalf
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relationship breakdown
 Domestic Abuse 

If you or your child is facing violent threat, abuse, pestering and or assault from someone you are connected with. You may need legal protection immediately.

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Public Children 

It is always emotional when the Local Authority Children Services get involved with your children, as
experienced Children law Solicitors we are here to help’ to the public children page.


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Legal Aid 
Legal Aid is automatically free (available) to parents or individuals with parental responsibility for the child involved without the need for any financial eligibility assessment. 

Worried, not sure where to turn?
Domestic violence? No money?  - NO PROBLEM!

Our fees are affordable and we can arrange finance for your legal costs
if certain criteria are met.  In some circumstances you will be entitled to legal aid funding which can put your mind at ease and can concentrate on the case.

here for you and your children
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