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With the ever changing immigration Rules and law, it is important to seek legal advice when considering any application.

Whether you are considering making an in-country or out-country application or you are considering appealing immigration decision, we are up to date with latest immigration rules and applicable law.  Seeking legal advice from on set is likely to save you a lot of headache and regrets in the long run.


At Spring & Co Solicitors, we understand how difficult it is to keep up with the ever changing Immigration Rules and law and how easily a minor omission could cause serious problem on once immigration application and result to numerous appeals, expensive legal battle, trauma and uncertainty.

We provide advice and assistance on the following areas:

  • Application for Student visa

  • Student Visa renewal applications

  • Appeal against Student Visa refusals

  • Visitors visa applications

  • Visitors Visa refusal Appeal

  • All applications on the point based system

  • Applications based on EU law provisions.

  • Judicial Review

  • Application based on Private and or Family Life (5 or 10 years route)

  • Application based on Long stay (14 years Rule)

  • Application based on parental right of a settled child

  • Application for child settlement (7 years Rule)

  • Application for extension of stay on medical grounds

  • Human Rights Applications

  • Asylum Application and appeals

  • Bail application and representation

  • All immigration Appeals

  • Applications for People in prison who are categorised as foreign nationals’ prisoners and are facing deportation.

  • Family settlement including adopted children, elderly relatives, biological children and children whom you have legal guardianship of

  • Domestic worker Applications

We offer clear unambiguous advice and most of our fees are fixed so you know from onset what your legal cost would be.  We offer legal aid in most Asylum matters, bail applications and representation provided you meet the requirement


The UK Immigration Rules are ever changing. Any delay may mean that you miss the opportunity of utilising a more favourable rule. Contact us today for prompt and efficient advice and service.

We are here for you and we put your interest first.

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Legal aid

We can also provide services to you at no costs to you under the legal aid funding scheme if your case is within scope and you meet any relevant means and merit tests subject to any contribution that you may be required to make by the Legal Aid Agency. 


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