High-Quality Immigration Lawyers

High-Quality Immigration Lawyers

The Advice You Need

It is important to seek legal advice when making any application. Whether you are considering making an in-country or out-country application, or asylum claim, we know the latest immigration rules and applicable law. Seeking legal advice from us is likely to save you a lot of headache and regrets in the long run.

A minor omission could cause serious problems on an immigration or asylum application and result in unnecessary stress. You want to avoid numerous appeals, judicial reviews, expensive legal battles, trauma, and uncertainty. Advice and assistance is available in the following areas:

  • Applications for A Student Visa
  • Student Visa Renewal Applications
  • Appeals Against Student Visa Refusals
  • Visitor’s Visa Applications
  • Visitor’s Visa Refusal Appeal
  • All Applications on The Point Based System
  • Applications Based on EU Law Provisions.
  • Judicial Reviews
  • Application Based on Private and Family Life (5 or 10 Years Route)
  • Application Based on Long Stay (20 Years Rule)
  • Application Based on the Parental Right of a Settled Child
  • Application for Child Settlement (7 And 10 Years Rule)
  • Application for Extension of Stay on Medical Grounds
  • Human Rights Applications
  • All Immigration Appeals
  • Asylum applications including unaccompanied child asylum seeker
  • Asylum Appeals
  • Bail Applications
  • Immigration Detention and removal work
  • Trafficking and Modern Slavery issues

Just like our civil litigation service, this is a non-obligatory option. You do not have to instruct us and the initial assessment is completely free.


If your claim is within the Legal aid scope, we are able to provide our services to you under the legal aid scheme if you meet the relevant means and merits tests.  We will explore all means of funding your claim with you.  If you do not qualify for legal aid, our costs information is also provided here on our Immigration cost Info page.  Feel free to contact us so we can explore your situation with you.  

Choose our reputable solicitors and stay up to date with the ever-changing immigration law. Based in Luton, Bedfordshire, we have a team of superb immigration lawyers to help you make the most of your visa application. Whether you want to appeal a UK visa refusal or apply for a visa abroad, we have the knowledge to assist you. Make sure that you have the best chance at a successful application with the help of our team.

Contact us, in Luton, Bedfordshire, to discover more about the UK visa system from our professional immigration lawyers.