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It is always emotional when the Local Authority Children Services get involved with your children.  At Spring and  Co Solicitors, we offer advice and guidance to aid you in this desperate situation and we represent you if things develop  to court proceedings.   We will represent you from the moment problem arise to a final hearing where the court makes decision regarding your child.  We have experience in a wide range of cases involving non-accidental injury, physical and sexual abuse, alcohol and drug related issues, emotional abuse and neglect, beyond parental control.  We are also experienced in child abduction cases.

Do not hesitate to seek legal advice straight away as funding is automatically free to all parents and individuals with parental responsibility for the child.  At spring and Co Solicitors, we provide advice and assistance before court becomes involved in the case and assistance and representation if the court gets involved in the case.  

Do not delay in seeking advice to maximise your chances of success.  Why not make appointment today for a free assessment and initial advice.  Send us an email and we will contact you within 24 hours.


We offer advice, assistance and representation in a wide range of public child law matters.  There are varied reasons why a local authority may become involved with your care of your children.  Their involvement may lead to court proceedings where they will be asking the court to make order about your child which could remove your child from your care or even led to you losing your child  completely.    It’s a stressful, challenging experience, and one that many people go through during their life. Anxiety and anger are natural feelings that people express as they come to terms with a huge change in their life. Supporting you along the way, our team provide high-quality legal advice and services to help you and your loved one find your feet. Take control of your life again with the help from Spring and Co Solicitors.  Why not email us now and we will contact you within 24 hours.


We are experienced in advice and representation in child abduction cases.  If your child has been unlawfully removed from your Jurisdiction or you are fighting for your child unlawfully retained in another jurisdiction to be returned to your jurisdiction, we will assist you with advice and representation.  The key to success is acting fast.  Delay could jeopardise your case.  Why not contact us today for free advice.  If you are in a situation right now, email us and we will contact you within 24 hours.


  • Care and Placement Proceedings
  • Emergency  Protection Proceedings
  • Secure Accommodation Order
  • Supervision Order
  • Order preventing unlawful removal and or retention of children 
  • Order for returning children unlawful removed and or retained


Legal cost is one of the biggest worries people have during a court process. All hope is not lost as legal aid is available in most care proceedings, child abduction etc  as long as you have parental responsibility for the child.  Spring and Co solicitors has contract with the legal aid agency so we provide our services free to you.  Take the first step today of getting in contact  with us by  email and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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